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Employment Procedures

Employment Procedures


Orangeburg County Consolidated School District Three

Standard Hiring Procedures


All selection procedures below the level of principal are the primary responsibility of principals and directors. The supervisors of transportation, maintenance, and food service will make recommendations to their director.


The following procedures will be used in the selection of personnel.



The Office of Human Resources will advertise employment openings on the district website to the general public. A vacancy in a certification area in which the availability of candidates is known to be low will be advertised state-wide and in local newspapers.


An announcement of vacancies will be sent to district employees via electronic mail.


Advertisements will include specific job requirements/qualifications and instructions for applicants to attach all required documents. The position closing date and time will be specified on the job posting.



All applicants must apply by completing a district application, submitting a letter of interest or a resume. All applications will remain on file for one year.


If a person calls for an application an explanation of the application procedure will be given.


Current staff members applying for a position need not complete the entire application procedure. They will be advised to submit a letter of interest to the Office of Human Resources and their reasons for applying. They will be encouraged to update their file with a current vita, course work, references and other support materials. The update of the file is not required and is the employee’s option.


Screening of Candidates for an Interview

The Director of Human Resources will screen all applications for valid credentials, references, qualifications, related experiences and skills. Using a rating scale of 0-3, the hiring administrator will comprise a list of applicants with a score of 2 and above to be interviewed.


The size of the interview pool will be based on the number of applicants in the pool and the quality of the pool. There is no required number of applicants who must be interviewed. However, the District will give fair consideration to all qualified applicants to ensure an unbiased and nondiscriminatory search process.


The hiring administrator may not interview any candidate who does not meet the standards of the District and/or caliber in the available candidate group. A courtesy interview is not permitted.




When arranging the interview, the candidate will be made aware of the following:

  1. Address and location of District.
  2. Date, time and place of the interview.
  3. Any support materials missing from the candidate’s application and the arrangements for receipt of the missing support materials prior to the interview.
  4. Approximate length of the interview.
  5. With whom (s) he will interview.
  6. The starting date for the position.

Each interview team will consist of at least three persons. The interview team for elementary positions will consist of all elementary principals. The interview team for middle school positions will consist of the middle school principals and a district level administrator. For high school positions, the interview team will consist of the high school principal and two district level administrators.


The Director of Human Resources will conduct all interviews. She will go over procedural matters during each interview. She will not participate in the rating or ranking of candidates.


The interview team will not have members who are relatives (as defined by Board policy) of any of the candidates being interviewed.


After each interview, the members of the team will promptly and independently complete the interview rating form for each applicant. Applicants will be rated on a scale of 1 to 5. Those receiving a score a rating score of 3 and above will be considered for recommendation to the Interim Director of Human Resources.


Following the interview of all the candidates, the members of the interview team will review candidates and share the results with the Interim Director of Human Resources.


The Director of Human Resources will collect and hold confidential the list of questions, interview rating forms and ranking of all interviewers in case of any claims of discrimination in the hiring process.



The interview team will discuss and recommend based on ratings which candidates to be considered for employment with the Interim Director of Human Resources.


If, after the discussion of the candidates, the hiring administrator determines that no candidate meet the minimum acceptable standard for recommendation to the Superintendent, the position will be re-advertised, and new applicants will be sought.


If two or more finalists for a position are judged to be equal, consideration will be given to the candidate with residency and/or previous experience in the District.


The Director of Human Resources will complete a check of references and South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) check on selected candidates.


The Director of Human Resources will present to the Superintendent:

  1. a list of all applicants
  2. a list of recommended candidates
  3. the applications of recommended candidates
  4. the rating score sheets of recommended candidates
  5. a summary of strengths and weaknesses for each recommended candidate

The Superintendent will determine which, if any, of the hiring administrator’s candidates is to be recommended to the Board. The Superintendent will not recommend to the Board a candidate other than one of the candidates without the concurrence of the hiring administrator. If the Superintendent is not satisfied with any of the top recommended candidates, the Interim Director of Human Resources will be directed to seek, screen, and interview additional qualified candidates.


The Superintendent will recommend to the Board the person who in her opinion is the best candidate for the position.


When the candidate is called to be offered the job, the Director of Human Resources will inform the candidate of the following:

  1. Acceptance of the position is contractual obligation under South Carolina State law
  2. Starting salary
  3. Starting date
  4. Required attendance at the teacher orientation and dates
  5. Scheduled date of board appointment
  6. Required in-service training
  7. Required official support documents


Administrative Application Process

Orangeburg County Consolidated School District Three advertises certified administrative vacancies on the District’s web site at

When administrative openings are posted, applicants may submit a letter of interest along with a current resume to the Office of Human Resources at by the designated date.

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