Orangeburg County Consolidated School District Three

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Title 1/ Federal Programs

The mission of the Office of Federal Programs is to serve as a supplemental resource in the process of developing and implementing strong educational programs and activities throughout the school district. Federal funds are used to increase student achievement by supporting teachers, principals, students, parents, and the community. This mission is built upon a foundational philosophy that we must uphold our doctrines of financial stewardship, but, also, have the courage to relinquish outdated traditions and embrace innovation as well as the pursuits and the demands of the future. The following programs are administered through the Office of Federal Programs:

  • Title I
  • Title II
  • Title III
  • Title VI
  • U.S. Counseling Elementary Grant
  • Child Development Education Program
Janice Rivers
Director of Federal Programs
Phone: 803-496-3288 Extension 1021