Orangeburg County Consolidated School District Three

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Curriculum & Instruction

Mission Statement

The Curriculum and Instruction Team will provide continuous quality support to ensure a culture of rigorous teaching and learning, so that all students master grade-level expectations.

Orangeburg County Consolidated School District Three
Framework of Action
Vision Statement

“Providing High Quality Educational Opportunities Leading to a Successful College and/or Career Choice”


Organizational Development

  • Increasing district performance through highly effective systems of operations, processes, and structures.
  • Collaboratively executing the districts’ operational function by aligning overall systems of operation through strategic planning, performance management, individual and group development, and systematic and systemic methodologies; yielding in high performance for all schools.

Teacher and Leadership Development

  • The development of school and district stakeholders in his or her professional role to increase their knowledge, skills, and expertise.
  • Highly effective and continuous professional development opportunities aligned to positive school and student performance outcomes.
  • Collaborative professional growth opportunities which are systematic, systemic, and provide on-going increased levels of performance for all school and district stakeholders.

Teaching and Learning

  • High expectations are set at all levels.
  • Instruction is standards-based, data-driven, and student-centered.
  • Professional growth opportunities are systemic and systematic and are carried out to provide on-going support, positively impacting content knowledge, delivery of instruction and overall teacher quality.
  • Vertical articulation is understood and learning is personalized to address student needs.
  • Differentiation ensures that students experience rigor at all levels and student growth is a primary focus.


  • High expectations are set at the district and school levels to ensure that data usage yields student growth.
  • Data training is on-going to provide teachers and administrators knowledge of analysis and application of district, school, teacher, and student data.
  • Data is kept and reviewed continuously as it relates to student growth and instructional strategies.
  • Accountability is more than state and federal data. It is our professional obligation to uphold our promise to our students that we will provide high quality educational opportunities which will lead to a successful college and/or career choice.